Transform your living space with original artwork by Hutton Snellings Scheel.

Hutton Snellings Scheel may not have had the most conventional style of painting when she picked up a paintbrush in middle school, her art teacher saw the potential in what ended up on the canvas— and that abstract point of view has been the secret to her success as a professional artist. In the interest of honing her talents, the Ole Miss alumna started her college career as an art major before realizing that what she had going for her was the unique way she approached paintings. Not wanting to “train” herself out of her signature style, she switched to business.

That change of course has served the artist well, as Snellings Scheel has been selling her art for the last 13 years. At 25, she opened her first gallery and has since sold the business to move to Charleston.

Over the course of her career, Snellings Scheel has created more than 350 commissioned pieces and has had her work featured at Nieman Marcus and in Marvel’s miniseries Echo.

Hutton Snellings Scheel is proud to offer custom one-of-a-kind commissioned artwork for any space.